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Sky News is one of the most famous tv-new providers in the United Kingdom, which was established in 1989. Today the channel is owned by Comcast and is considered to be one of the most trusted broadcasters, having several awards in this field.

Meaning and history

Sky News Logo history

Sky News is known for probably the largest number of its logo redesign among all the existing tv-channels in the world. During its not very long history, the network has undergone more than 15 changes of its visual identity, though the logo we all can see today is based on the concept, introduced in 2005.


Sky News Logo 1989
The very first logo of Sky News was created in 1989 and only stayed with the channel for a few months. It was a gradient light gray and blue emblem with the “Sky” enclosed into a thick circular frame and placed into a square, in the same color. The “News” part was enlarged and written in the uppercase of a famous and chic serif typeface over the bottom part of the insignia.

1989 — 1990

Sky News Logo 1989

The original Sky News logo was introduced in 1989. It was composed of two inscriptions, placed one under another, with “Sky” in a custom futuristic sans-serif, enclosed in a bold circular frame, and “News” in an elegant and traditional serif font, located under the circle and overlapping it. The circle was placed inside a square, and the “News” part of the wordmark was crossing it also.

There were two color palette versions in use by the channel during this time period — blue and yellow on dark background and gradient light blue with yellow and a darker blue. The second version was three-dimensional and had its contours more distinct.

1990 — 1993

Sky News Logo 1990
The redesign of 1990 switched the color palette of the Sky News logo to gradient blue and yellow, where the “News” part of the lettering was executed in yellow, and all the other elements featured different shades of blue — from dark, almost purple, to sky-blue, for the second part of the wordmark.

1993 — 1995

Sky News Logo-1993

In 1993 the circle was placed above the rectangle where the “News” lettering in black was written. The serif font of the bottom part of the nameplate was replaced by a modern sans-serif one, with shadowed letters. The white “Sky” kept its style but switched the color to white, and its circular framing became electric blue. The main background of the logo was metallic gray, with a map pattern in the rectangle.

1995 — 1997

Sky News Logo 1995

In 1995 the logo becomes simple and flat. The circle with “Sky” is now in white and placed on the top part of a blue vertically oriented rectangle, and the “News” lettering in the title case is now enlarged and italicized. It is executed in a bold sans-serif font, featuring a white body and black outline.

1997 — 1998

Sky News Logo-1997

In 1997 the rectangle was removed from the logo and now it was composed of a slightly diagonally oriented blue oval with a large white “Sky” lettering in its iconic typeface, and the black “News” in capitals under it.

1998 — 2001

Sky News Logo-1998

A completely new structure and color palette was introduced by the channel in 1998. A solid rectangle was horizontally split into two parts by a yellow smooth line. The upper part, colored in purple, contained the “Sky” inscription in white, while the bottom part in red was for the “News”. Both words in the lettering were executed in the same smooth contemporary typeface with the same size of the letters.

2001 — 2005

Sky News Logo-2001

The rectangle is being horizontally stretched and the wordmark — set up in one line in 2001. The white inscription has its “Sky” part placed on a blue part of the rectangle, and “News” on the red.

2005 — 2007

Sky News Logo-2005

The redesign of 2005 simplified the logo color palette to red and white and the smooth arched separating line is changed to a strict vertical, so the rectangular badge is now composed of two smaller rectangles — the red one on the left with “Sky” in white, and the white right one, containing red “News” inscription.

2007 — 2008

Sky News Logo 2007
With the redesign of 2007, the logo of the tv-channel gained some volume and gloss. The white and red banner got some light silver shades and a thick framing in the same color. This made the emblem look more solid and professional.

2008 — 2010

Sky News Logo 2008

The colors get switched in 2007, and for the nearest three years the channel uses its rectangular logo with red “Sky” on gradient gray, and white “News” on red. The badge is now glossy and three-dimensional. The gray color is being replaced by white in 2008.

2010 — 2013

Sky News Logo 2010

In 2010 the “Sky” wordmark is getting a new color, black, and the “News” part is being enlarged. With the new color palette, the channel’s badge looks more professional and powerful than ever. The glossy texture and gradient shades make the nameplate three-dimensional and reflect energy and confidence.

2013 — 2015

Sky News Logo 2013
The contours of the letters were refined in 2013, making the “News” bigger and bolder. The surface of the badge got more gradient shades, which added dynamics and volume to the composition. As for the “Sky” part of the nameplate, it didn’t change much but got its contours cleaned.

2015 — 2018

Sky News Logo 2015
With the redesign of 2015, the typeface of the “News” lettering was shanked to a more modern and smooth sans-serif, which made the logo look more balanced and the two parts of the wordmark — more connected. As for the color palette and shape of the banner, everything stayed as it was.

2018 — 2021

Sky News Logo 2018With the redesign of 2018, the Sky News visual identity becomes more balanced and clean, and the “News” lettering is now written in the lowercase and uses a lightweight sans-serif typeface. The color palette remained untouched — the same combination of red, black, and white, which looks bright and stylish.

2021 — Today

Sky News logo
In 2021 the thin gray framing was removed from the Sky News visual identity, making the banner look fresher and lighter. As for the inscription and the banner, they were not changed.