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Sioux City is a brand known for its range of traditional American beverages, particularly sarsaparilla, a soft drink with a root beer-like flavor. It was created by White Rock Beverages, a company with a long history dating back to in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The brand, named after the city in Iowa, reflects a nostalgic, Old West theme. Sioux City became famous for offering a taste of classic Americana, often associated with cowboy and Western imagery, and is especially renowned for its authentic sarsaparilla.

Meaning and history

Sioux City, a quintessentially American beverage brand, is steeped in the nostalgia of the Old West. Launched by White Rock Beverages, a company with roots in Waukesha, Wisconsin dating back to 1871, it embodies the rugged spirit of the American frontier. Named after the Iowa city, Sioux City’s flagship product, sarsaparilla, harkens back to the days of saloons and cowboys. The brand’s identity is intertwined with this rich, historical imagery, offering a taste that’s both unique and reminiscent of classic Americana.

Over the years, Sioux City has expanded its range, including other traditional flavors, but it’s the sarsaparilla that remains a hallmark, a symbol of a bygone era. This brand not only offers a beverage but also serves a slice of American history, appealing to those who cherish the lore of the Wild West.

What is Sioux City?
Sioux City is a nostalgic beverage brand, famed for its sarsaparilla, a drink evoking the essence of the American Old West. Originating from White Rock Beverages, it captures the spirit of frontier Americana, transporting consumers to the times of cowboys and saloons with each sip.


Sioux City logo

The logo for Sioux City bursts with a bold, western style, sporting a vivid yellow outline around red block letters. Each letter is artfully crafted with internal shadows, adding depth and a three-dimensional effect reminiscent of vintage signage. The font choice is playful, with serifs that nod to the spikes of a sun-soaked desert cactus, embodying the adventurous spirit of the brand.