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Focusing on crafting unique botanical vodka, Pincer emphasizes organic ingredients and sustainable production methods. Originating in Scotland, its vodka is not only enjoyed locally but also has made significant inroads internationally. Key markets include the UK and parts of Europe, where consumers value premium and organic spirits.

Meaning and history

At a formidable potency nearing 89 degrees, this beverage is a Scottish creation tailored for the Chinese palate. It’s imperative to avoid consuming it in its pure form due to its intensity. The emblem’s dark shade resonates with its powerful essence, while the inclusion of a desiccated thistle design subtly points to the botanical ingredient embedded within. This creation symbolizes a blend of Scottish craftsmanship and the evolving preferences of the Chinese market. The deliberate choice of the thistle design not only pays homage to Scottish traditions but also highlights the meticulous crafting process and the infusion of authentic ingredients to ensure its distinctive flavor profile.


Pincer Logo

The image showcases a striking logo against a pitch-black backdrop. Centered prominently is the word “Pincer” scripted in a flowing, elegant typeface. Adjacently, the term “VODKA” is presented in bold, capitalized letters, affirming the brand’s essence. A captivating detail is the intricately rendered thistle graphic, with its spiky tendrils and dense center, symbolizing Scottish heritage. The entire ensemble exudes sophistication, merging classic elements with a modern aesthetic. The thistle, especially, adds a touch of organic authenticity, hinting at the natural ingredients and rich heritage behind the brand.