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The logo of Enkei Corporation is reminiscent of its core product, custom aftermarket wheels.

Meaning and history

Enkei Logo history

1991 – 2001

Enkei Logo

Enkei is a Japan-based corporation specializing in manufacturing motorcycle and passenger car wheels for both motorsport and street use. It was established in 1950.

The pictorial part of the Enkei logo consists of a modified infinity symbol. On the one hand, it represents the road. From the other, it symbolizes the wheels. The symbol is white with thick dark blue trim.

To the left, the name of the brand can be seen. It is given in an artistic sans serif type. The letters are pretty heavy. Probably the most distinctive feature is the way the diagonal lines on the “N” and “K” have been replaced by the curves.

Enkei Logo

1985 – 1989

Enkei Logo old

Earlier, the company used a completely different emblem. The old Enkei logo was dominated by yellow and black. It featured the word “Enkei” in a heavy type. The widths of the lines by which the glyphs were formed varied dramatically. The initial “E” was an especially distinctive letter. Its end stretched above all the other characters. The “E” symbolized the road.

To the left of the wordmark, there was an emblem, which was reminiscent of both the road and the letter “E.”