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Legrand is a globally known brand of switchers and cables manufacturing company, which was established in 1904 in France. Named after its founder, Frederic Legrand, the company became one of the world’s leaders in its segment and today it is synonymous with high-quality sockets and electrical connectors.

Meaning and history

The Legrand logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem, executed in a classic and powerful black and red color palette.

The brand’s wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is written in a simple sans-serif typeface with bold clean lines. The red of the inscription shows the company as progressive and energetic, it also evokes a sense of warmth and comfort.

The Legrand emblem is a geometric representation of the company’s most famous product — a socket. The black square frame with the white inside has two vertical lines on both the upper and lower sides. It looks strict and minimalist, yet very modern and stylish.

Legrand logo
The Legrand visual identity represents the professional company with a huge experience. It reflects the Legrand authority and expertise, showing one of the world’s most reliable companies in its field.

The logo is simple yet bright and eye-catching. It is instantly recognizable all over the world and creates a sense of stability and high quality.