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Daniel Defense is an American firearms manufacturing company, which was established in 2002. The company has two production facilities in the USA and distributes its products all across the country.

Meaning and history

The Daniel Defense visual identity is an elegant and strong representative of text-based logos.

The brand’s wordmark, set in two levels with a tagline as the third, is executed in a classic bold serif typeface, with first “D”s enlarged and overlapping. The elegant thin serifs of the all-caps inscription add a sense of traditional approach and value of the brand’s heritage.

Daniel Defense logo

The tagline “Lighter. Stronger. Better…” adds modernity and youth to the logo. Written in all capitals of the sans-serif font, it looks simple yet solid and confident.

The two-arrows sign is placed on the left of the tagline and is colored yellow. The only bright element of the logo, it creates a sense of dynamics and energy.

The Daniel Defense logo is simple and laconic, but it has a special character and style. The brand looks powerful and professional, as well as creative and innovative. A brilliant minimalist logo, which needs no additional details.