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Although the logo of Knight Frank is pretty abstract, it manages to convey its message through the language of symbols.

Meaning and history

Similar to many other commercial logotypes, the Knight Frank logo can be broken down into two parts: a pictorial emblem and the wordmark.

The intricate flower-like shape of the emblem is made up of several smaller shapes. In the center, there is a white square standing on one of its angles. On each side of the square, a “house” stands formed by a rectangle and a triangle.

What does the emblem say about the company and how is it connected with the industry? To begin with, it somehow reminds the plan of a building (when you look at the scheme of the building). Also, while the red elements may look like petals they have the shape of a house, which only reinforces this theme. The right angles dominating the Knight Frank logo create an impression of stability and pragmatism, which works great for the company’s brand identity.

Knight Frank Logo


To the right of the emblem, the name of the company can be seen in a clear sans serif type. If you take a closer look, you will notice a lot of distinctive details, like the diagonal top ends of the “h,” “i,” and “k,” the high end of the “r,” the asymmetrical horizontal bar of the “t,” etc.

Company overview

The history of Knight Frank LLP started in 1896. Next year, Knight, Frank & Rutley achieved its first recorded business property sale.

Today, the company is known as a large estate agency, a residential and commercial property consultancy. Together with its US affiliate Newmark Knight Frank, it is ranked among the world’s largest global property consultancies.