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Sex Pistols is a legendary British punk-rock band, which was created in 1975 and became leader and inspirer of a punk movement in the U.K. Sex Pistols earned countless music awards during its history and is included in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Meaning and history

Malcolm McLaren, the band’s producer, was the one responsible for the Sex Pistols name. He was aiming to create a representation of a young spirit. Though the band’s frontman, Johnny Rotten, never liked the name much.

The Sex Pistols logo is instantly recognizable and became iconic in the rock music sphere. It is composed of a custom ransom-style wordmark, which was created by a renowned British artist, Jamie Reid.

The logo first appeared on a famous Reid’s artwork “Anarchy In The UK”, where it is placed on a distressed Union Jack flag.

The most common color palette of the Sex Pistols logo is monochrome, where all the black letters are placed in separate white rectangles, located on a black “torn” background.

The Sex Pistols logo is a timeless classic, a symbol of the rock music, rebellious spirit and lifestyle, a celebration of one of the contemporary culture milestones.