NCT Logo


NCT is a collective name for many teams that performs simultaneously and everywhere. The teams present their own subgroups and collaborations with other artists. The members change frequently but are all performing under the NCT brand. The group has idols from Thailand, Japan, China, Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, and Germany. In addition to Korean, the guys sing in Japanese (“NCT 127 Chain”), Chinese (“WayV Take Off”), and English (“NCT 127 Regular”).

Meaning and History

NCT stands for “Neo Culture Technology”. The first unit NCT-U debuted in April 2016. Three months later, NCT 127 appeared (the number in the name is the geographic longitude of Seoul), and in August 2016, the third unit NCT Dream started. The fourth division is based in China, consists of 7 members, and is called WayV. The official debut of the Chinese unit took place on January 17, 2019. The team includes not only Koreans, but also young men of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Hong Kong origin. NCT’s first full-length album was released in March 2018. In the summer of 2019, the group’s first world tour took place.

What is NCT?
NCT is a concept boy group from South Korea that plays K-pop and hip-hop music. These guys offer a blueprint for the music industry of the future. At the heart of the NCT invented by SM Entertainment Corporation is openness to all winds and markets, including an unlimited number of participants and their combinations.

2016 – Today

NCT Logo

The initials of the group’s name create a geometric pattern and one might not even instantly see letters. Instead, it looks a lot like a labyrinth. This is because the elongated letters are closely spaced and written in such a way that they look almost identical. With cuts being placed in different places to create different letters. This pattern shows that although there is a lot of freedom in NCT, everything is perfectly organized. It also stands for the perfection in music performed by the groups. This logo is a perfect combination of something stylish and futuristic.

Font and Color

NCT Emblem

The band chose a timeless, classic color for the base. Black is quite a universal color that creates a professional image. It can have both positive and negative symbolism, which reflects the openness of the group to all kinds of music. It is accompanied by white, which is the color of perfection and also a neutral color choice. For the initials themselves, they used a geometric font similar to Hauptbahnhof, Alt Ayame Long, or Severe font.