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SeeSaw was an internet television broadcast service, launched in 2010. It was a software for streaming videos on demand without a registration and traditional static television schedule. At the start, there were about 3,000 hours of free movies, series and shows, which were streamed on Adobe Flash Player. The revenue was made by 60 seconds advertisements and payable functions such as premium videos. At SeeSaw’s peak, it could attract over 2 million users

Meaning and history

In early 2009, BBC, Channel 4, and ITV plc had started a venture Project Kangaroo, during which they developed a technology for online video broadcasting. This project would soon be banned by UK’s Competition Commission, and the technology was transferred to Arqiva Company. In November 2009, it announced SeeSaw. The software was developed by ioko, and in 2010 the site entered the closed beta version.

During the year, SeeSaw managers were in talks with media companies such as MTV and ITV. They also tried to find investments to the software. However, despite the fact that they had found user-catching shows and attracted people’s attention (at the start, there were around 3,000 hours of content), SeeSaw didn’t manage to find investors. In 2011, the application ceased its operations and was sold to Criterion, which owns it by now.

What is SeeSaw?
SeeSaw is a currently defunct service for online video on demand television, launched in 2010. The software used a video broadcasting technology, developed jointly by BBC, Channel 4, and ITV during the Kangaroo Project. At the start, it had more than 3,000 hours of brand-new shows from MTV, BBC, ITV, and others. They also SeeSaw attracted the attention of nearly 2 million people around the world.

2009 – 2011

SeeSaw Logo

The SeeSaw logotype was a signature featuring the lowercase nameplate in a two-level lettering. They also put a triangle, pointing at the name, and which had rounded corners and edges. It contained a smaller triangle headed to the opposite side.


The wordmark has quite a typical appearance for the names in the logotypes – it’s bold black. The notable feature here is the dark green triangle, which contains another triangle without a coloring.


Their font scheme cad be described as rounded, sans-serif, and bold. The letters are lowercase, and they have small gaps between one another.

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