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Seele is a German construction company, founded in 1984. They mostly make facades and the exterior design. They also don’t make the usual concrete or brick exteriors, but rather use alternative materials, such as glass, metal and high-tech solutions. In short, they are on the cutting edge of the modern construction methods.

Meaning and History

The company was established in Bavaria, Germany. From their original plant in Gersthofen, they grew to many facilities across the country. The company’s name translates to ‘soul’. That indicates the manufacturer’s goal to produce lively, artistic structures, rather than bland old-school facades.

What is Seele?

Seele is a construction and engineering company from Germany. They mostly make facades in modern, artistic styles and largely using membrane materials, glass, metals and other non-stone materials.

1984 – today

Seele Logo

Their emblem is just the word ‘Seele’, written in basic sans-serif letters. They wrote them only in lowercase and used dark grey coloring. On occasions, it can also be black or white or other colors, sometimes.

Font and color

Seele is a construction firm, and its logo represents that seriousness and brutal character, using a bold lowercase logotype in a clean and distinct sans-serif typeface with modern shapes of the letters. The closest fonts to the one used in the Seele badge are Marsden Extended Semi Bold and Applied Sans Pro Bold.

In terms of color, nothing is surprising, as Seele is a German company, which automatically means high quality and stability. And the color that represents these qualities best is black. The lowercase logotype is set in black on a transparent background, looking serious and powerful.

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