Sea-Doo Logo

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Sea-Doo is a water transport brand, owned by Bombardier. The company was established in 1968 in Canada and is mostly known for its water jets. Today the brand has its production facilities in Mexico and distributes its items all over the world.

Meaning and history

The Sea-Doo logo is based on a wordmark with the Bombardier Company emblem as an icon.

The bold brand’s inscription is executed in a modern rounded sans-serif typeface, where letters “A” and “D” are mirrored. The smooth thick lines are complemented by the circle between the two parts of the wordmark.

The earlier version of the Sea-Doo logo features an image of the dolphin, which was arched above the circle and turned to the right. It was a reflection of the brand’s products segment and a very kind and playful symbol.

Sea-Doo Logo

Today the company uses its mother brand’s emblem, to show its affiliation to one of the most influential transport brands in the world.

The black white and gray color palette of the Sea-Doo logo makes it look confident and strong on any placement and adds a sense of timelessness and power.