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Dave & Buster’s, primarily an American chain, blends the world of entertainment and dining into a unique experience. Owned by Dave & Buster’s Entertainment Inc., this company has etched its name by offering an array of video games, simulators, and prize games complemented by a full-service restaurant and bar. Originating in the U.S., Dave & Buster’s has successfully expanded its footprint with multiple locations across North America. From large metropolitan cities to suburban neighborhoods, their distinctive blue-tinted buildings with a lively atmosphere are hard to miss. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a place to celebrate with games and fun, Dave & Buster’s has become a go-to destination for many.

Meaning and history

Dave & Buster's Logo history

In the late 1970s, two business-minded individuals, David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley, decided to merge their respective ventures – a game-filled saloon and a restaurant. This union birthed the concept of Dave & Buster’s in 1982. Over the years, this company has made notable strides, positioning itself as a top player in the entertainment and dining sectors. With technological evolution, Dave & Buster’s introduced simulators and electronic games, amplifying their offering and drawing in diverse crowds. Today, Dave & Buster’s stands robust, managing numerous venues across the U.S. and other parts of North America. Their continuous drive for innovation and commitment to providing quality entertainment ensures their relevance in today’s dynamic market.

What is Dave & Buster’s?
Dave & Buster’s is an American-founded entertainment and dining venue. Established by David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley in the 1980s, the chain offers a unique blend of arcade games, simulators, and restaurant services. Catering to both individuals and families, it’s recognized as a lively spot for fun-filled outings.

1982 – 2013

Dave & Buster's Logo 1982

A captivating emblem features a harmonious blend of deep blue and vibrant orange. At its core, “D&B” boldly stands out, with the full name “Dave and Buster’s” wrapping above and below in a circular fashion. The design beautifully merges tradition with contemporary flair, using classic typography within a modern color palette, encapsulating the fun and excitement associated with the brand.

2013 – 2020

Dave & Buster's Logo 2013

Evoking a sense of depth and dimension, this logo showcases the brand name “Dave & Buster’s” prominently within a circular badge. The gradient, shifting from a radiant orange at the center to a calming blue at the edges, gives the emblem a dynamic feel. The stylized typeface, with its stark contrasts and angles, screams modernity, making it instantly recognizable.

2020 – now

Dave & Buster's Logo

Simplicity reigns supreme in this design. Set against a bold orange backdrop, the name “Dave & Buster’s” is rendered in a vibrant blue, creating a stark and appealing contrast. The elongated typeface, with its clean lines and uniform spacing, exudes a sense of clarity and directness, ensuring the brand’s message is delivered effectively and unmistakably.