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Scrub Daddy is an American firm, which is based in New Jersey. It is occupied in manufacturing cleaning sponges in a smiley shape. They are made of polymer material, which adapts to the temperature of water, getting firmer or softer. They have additional product lines, including pads, sink organizers and distributors, as well as erasers.

Meaning and history

The concept of these sponges was invented while Aaron Krause was washing dishes, sometime in 2011 or 2012. The company was established in 2012. In the same year, Krause launched an impressive marketing campaign collaborating with   TV Shows. During the Shark Tank episode, he made a 20% shares deal with Lori Greiner for $200,000. On the next day, they sold all 42,000 sponges they had within just 7 minutes on QVC. During the following years, Greiner had been helping Krause sell his products in American retail stores. By 2017, the sales exceeded $100 million, and by 2019 – twice more.

What is Scrub Daddy?
Scrub Daddy is an American firm, established by Aaron Krause in 2012. They’re manufacturing sponges made of exclusive polymer materials, adapting to the temperature of water. The sponges have a shape of a smiley face – it’s an integral material of Scrub Daddy marketing. They have other products in their stock, such as sink distributors and organizers, household erasers, and cleaning pads.

2015 – today

Scrub Daddy Logo

Their logotype is the nameplate written in a two-line inscription, which has a fat outline. Above the name, they wrote the small wording ‘the original’. In the upper left corner of the logotype, the authors placed a smiley circle with a spiky upper part.


Scrub Daddy Emblem

The coloring consists of the shades often associated with cleaning – blue and yellow. The yellow is used for the smile and the nameplate. Blue stands for the contours and ‘the original’ wording.


Scrub Daddy Symbol

the words are written in an inflated and rounded font. It doesn’t have serifs, and there are small intervals between lowercase characters.