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EDAG Engineering Group AG is a leading global provider of engineering services in the automotive industry. The company specializes in the development of vehicles, production plants, and the optimization of manufacturing processes. Jörg Ohlsen is the CEO, playing a pivotal role in steering the company’s strategic directions.

EDAG operates internationally, with a significant presence in major automotive markets. The company has established offices and facilities across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, providing a broad range of engineering solutions to its global clientele.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1969 by Horst Eckard, EDAG has evolved from a small engineering office into a globally recognized engineering service provider in the automotive industry. The company was initially established in Groß-Zimmern, Germany.

Over the years, EDAG’s achievements have been noteworthy. It has become a forerunner in automotive engineering, offering comprehensive solutions for electric mobility, digitalization, and autonomous driving. The company has also been involved in several high-profile projects, including collaborations with major automobile manufacturers.

Currently, EDAG continues to be a leader in its field, adapting to emerging trends and challenges in the automotive industry. It focuses on sustainable mobility solutions and the integration of cutting-edge technology in vehicle development. The company’s expertise in engineering and innovation keeps it at the forefront of the automotive engineering sector.


Edag Logo

The logo design is minimalistic, featuring the company’s name in uppercase letters. The typeface used is modern and sleek, with a monochrome color scheme that suggests sophistication and professionalism. This design choice may be indicative of the company’s forward-thinking approach and dynamic nature in the field of automotive engineering. The logo’s simplicity makes it versatile and easily recognizable, which is often a key aspect of effective branding.

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