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Saved by the Bell is an American situation comedy. The comedy was streamed between 1989 and 1993, and its broadcasting happened on early Saturdays as a frontier franchise on NBC channel. It’s a tale about kids studying at an imaginable Bayside High School in LA. Starting as a light comedy, this four-season teleshow in its further pages raises such difficult questions as drug violence, death, human rights, natural issues, homelessness, and others. The show was marketed among teenagers and kids, as well as their parents.

Meaning and history

The show’s production dates back from 1986, when the president of NBC channel, Brandon Tartikoff, asked one of his veteran writers named Peter Engel to write a plot for a new primetime show, Good Morning, Miss Bliss. He planned to create a show about a teacher he remembered from the school, miss Bliss. The plot describes a story of a 6 grade teacher named Miss Carrie Bliss, who has recently married and gone to work in the school in Indianapolis. The plot was centralized on the teacher, not the kids. This show first was streamed between 1988 and 1989. It received low ratings and didn’t pick up the followers.

Despite Saved by the Bell failed to achieve popularity, Tortikoff didn’t drop the idea. He resolved to retry the broadcast with the new name and approach. Now, the story centralized primarily on the kids’ school life. The school’s location was transformed from Indianapolis to sunny and friendly Los Angeles. During a brainstorming with one of the telecast’s writers, Peter Engel, and Brandon Tortikoff himself, the supervisor Tom Tenowich proposed to call the project ‘Saved by the Bell’. Engel rejected it, Tartikoff liked it. As Brandon was important in the production process, Tom’s suggestion was accepted.

What is Saved by the Bell?
Saved by the Bell is an American sitcom, streamed in 1989 and the early 90s on NBC channel. The franchise describes a story of several school students, who find themselves in different situations. The events take place in imaginable Bayside High School in Los Angeles. Although the series’ genre is situation comedy, and it was promoted across the children, the authors raise modern questions, such as remarriage, death, drugs, et cetera.

1989 – 1993

Saved by the Bell Logo

During its broadcasting period, the teleshow had only one primary logotype, which was used in two variations. One of then was a circle with a bold outline. On the circle, the brand designers pictured the brand’s name in a three-line inscription. The second version depicted the same nameplate, but in a rectangle. There were many ornamental symbols on it, and geometrical shapes at its top.


Saved by the Bell Symbol

As the broadcast was primarily spread across kids and adolescents, its brand colors were made bright, friendly, and attractive. The circular insignia depicts the name colored blue for the ‘saved’ word, red for the ‘by the’ portion, and yellow for the ‘bell’ part. Their background was the black circle with the blue contour.

The rectangle itself is violet. On it, they’ve drawn blue ornaments with pink and green shades. The figures at the top were yellow. The nameplate’s coloring looked similar to the circular version.


Saved by the Bell Emblem

According to the similar marketing pattern, the font was made attractive and friendly as the color palette. The ‘saved’ and ‘bell’ words have very bold sans-serif letters with unproportional lines. The ‘by the’ portion has serif characters with sharp corners. All letters in the nameplate were capitalized.