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The majority of the 16 athletic teams representing Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia, are part of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. They compete under the names of the Savannah State Tigers and Lady Tigers.

Meaning and history

Savannah State Tigers Logo history

Savannah State Tigers is a college sports program founded in 1890 by the Georgia General Assembly. The Tigers compete in NCAA Division I athletics, specifically in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC). Over the years, the program has achieved notable accomplishments in various sports. In football, the Tigers have won several conference championships and produced talented players who went on to play professionally. In basketball, they have had successful seasons and made appearances in postseason tournaments. The program’s commitment to academic excellence is also commendable, with many student-athletes receiving academic honors. Currently, Savannah State Tigers continue to strive for athletic success while emphasizing the importance of education and personal growth for their student-athletes.

What is Savannah State Tigers?
Savannah State Tigers is a college athletic program representing Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia. The Tigers compete in various sports at the NCAA Division II level, including basketball, football, baseball, and more. They are known for their spirited performances and commitment to athletic excellence.

2001 – 2011

Savannah State Tigers Logo-2001The red patch placed over the tiger’s head looked like blood.

2012 – Today

Savannah State Tigers Logo

The 2012 Savannah State Tigers logo was introduced in 2012. Here, there is a tiger depicted in full height. It is partly lying on the letters “SSU” going from the left top angle to the right bottom angle. Below, the lettering “Savannah State University” can be seen.