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Savage is an American firearms manufacturing company, which was established in 1894. The company is mostly known for its rifles and operates all over the United States and Canada.

Meaning and history

Savage Logo

The Savage visual identity was based on a portrait of a Native American since 1919. But the latest brand’s redesign brought new contemporary shape to the logo, making it simpler and more stylish.

The previous Savage logo was composed of a rounded emblem with a portrait of Chief Lame Deer, who allowed the use of his image in exchange for a special price on rifles and annual fee from Savage.

The wordmark was placed under the emblem and executed in a bold italicized font. The color palette of the Savage logo was red and black and it is the only thing, which remains untouched today.

The current Savage logo is completely different. The strong new nameplate in all the capitals is written in a slightly italicized geometric typeface with clean lines and balanced spacing.

The black of the wordmark is accompanied by a red abstract emblem, which consists of several lines, forming an “S” in the negative space.

The red and black Savage logo is a reflection of a powerful and progressive company, which is full of energy to move forward but values its roots and heritage. It is a modern visual identity design, which is still very recognizable.