Toys R Us Logo

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Toys R Us Logo
Toys “R” Us is known for its colorful and playful logotype, which perfectly fits the toy industry and appeals to kids.

Meaning and history

Toys R Us Logo history

The history of the company stated in 1948. It closed the stores in 2018 following bankruptcy but emerged from bankruptcy as Tru Kids in 2019.


Toys R Us symbol
The earliest Toys R Us logo (1948-1965) reflected the company’s original name, Children’s Discount Supermarts. The text was given in bold red letters.
In 1965, the stores’ mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe, was “born” and placed on the logo. The logo featured the new name (which still didn’t have the official status) and the distinctive reversed “R.” The glyph was taken from the Cyrillic alphabet, where it stands for the “yah” sound. On the 1965 logo, the letter was used three times (“ChildRen’s, supermaRkets, and Toys R us”). The character gave the impression as if it had been reversed by a kid who’s just learning to read and write.


Toys R Us emblem
In 1967, the brand was officially renamed “Toys “R” Us” and adopted a logo with letters of different colors. The old Toys R Us logo looked pretty similar to the current one, though there were several notable differences.
In 1969, the design was slightly updated. While the overall style remained the same, there was some playing around with the color and shape of the glyphs.
The following modification (1972) resulted in smoother glyphs. Now, they looked rather like a single whole than several letters put together. However, it still had a distinctive feature separating it from the later versions – an exclamation mark.
In 1976, the exclamation mark was removed.
The palette grew brighter and more playful in 1980. Some of the colors became more vivid, and there were also new ones added.
As a result of the 1985 update, the colors were modified once again. The green grew slightly darker, while all the letters, except the “T” and “S,” changed their colors (remaining within the existing palette, though). Several outlets went on using this version until 2018.
In 1998, the reversed “R” was placed inside a blue star. This approach made it more visible and added playfulness to the logo. This logo was also used at several locations until 2018.
The 2007 emblem had both the shapes and colors modified. If you compare it side by side with the previous logo, you’ll notice almost all the letters have slightly altered their shape and size. This is especially noticeable in the case of the “R.” As for the star, it was still present on the logo, although it grew smaller and was now placed inside the reversed “R.”


Toys R Us
The color scheme looks vivid and features a visual “rhythm.”