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The logo of the Italian fashion house Denny Rose may appear pretty generic, at first glance. Yet, there are a couple of unique details.

Meaning and history

Denny Rose was founded in 1987 in Capri. It belongs to Denny S.p.A. The owner and founder of the brand is Daniela Malpighi. The name of the company was inspired by Broadway Danny Rose, a 1984 black-and-white comedy film by Woody Allen, as well as by the fact that Daniela Malpighi’s nickname was Denny.


Denny Rose logo

The Denny Rose logo features the name of the brand in a serif typeface. The type has a traditional (on the verge of retro) style due to the classic proportions, with its calligraphic strokes of varying width. On the other hand, you may notice that the “N’s” are placed so close to each other that the top serifs on them stick. The same is true for the “E” and “N”: the distance between the letters is so short that the serifs on the left side of the “N” touch the “E.” The second “N” is so close to the “Y” their top serifs stick, too.

Logo Denny Rose

As a result, all the glyphs except the “D” in the word “Denny” are connected and form a single shape. This detail, which is not very visible, at first glance, adds a slight distinctive touch.


When the space where the logo is to be placed has square proportions or is small, the brand replaces the primary Denny Rose logo with its reduced version featuring only the letter “D” in black.

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