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Viceroy Jeans & Apparels (Fortune Jeans Centre) is a Singapore-based brand offering a range of ready-to-wear apparel, including jeans and pants, formal shirts and smart casual apparel. The history of the brand started in 1973, according to its Facebook page.

Meaning and history

Viceroy Logo history

The Viceroy logo can be broken down into two parts: the emblem and the lettering. Today, the majority of large fashion brands typically use these two parts separately: the wordmark becomes the primary logo, the emblem is used when there is a need for a logo with different proportions, while the full logo is used rarely.

Viceroy has a different approach: the brand prefers the full version as its primary logo. The majority of the space is occupied by the symbol featuring two stallions. The stallions are standing on their rear feet, with their front feet on the shield, which is placed between them.

We should also add that while the shield has a medieval style, this impression is deceptive. The moment you take a closer look at the pictorial part of the Viceroy logo, you discover that each part of the picture is drawn by a modern artist and looks contemporary.

Under the stallions’ feet, there is the lettering “Viceroy” featuring a sans serif type. While it is in no way elaborate, it does have a distinctive, elegant touch. The effect is created primarily by the difference in the width of the strokes.

1951 – 2012

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2012 – 2015

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2015 – now

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