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Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, sponsors 20 varsity teams, both women’s and men’s.

Meaning and history

Santa Clara Broncos Logo history

The Santa Clara Broncos, born alongside Santa Clara University in 1851, represent a storied chapter in collegiate athletics. This institution embarked on its journey as a beacon of sportsmanship and academic vigor. The Broncos’ journey is marked by significant milestones, particularly in NCAA Division I basketball, where their prowess has been a recurring theme. Their soccer teams, both men’s and women’s, have also etched their names in the annals of sports history, gaining nationwide acclaim. Presently, the Broncos stand as a symbol of athletic dedication, academic commitment, and character growth among their student athletes. Their legacy is not just in winning games, but in shaping leaders on and off the field.

What is Santa Clara Broncos?
The Santa Clara Broncos is the athletic heart of Santa Clara University, participating in NCAA Division I. Their identity is woven through diverse sports, with a celebrated history in basketball and soccer, embodying the spirit of excellence in university-level sports.

1988 – 2004

Santa Clara Broncos Logo 1988

The Santa Clara Broncos logo of 1978 was pretty obscure due to the small details and the way the elements were depicted. On the emblem, you could see a horse jumping through a bright red square standing on one of its angles. The words “Santa” and “Clara” were placed along the upper sides of the square.

2004 – 2016

Santa Clara Broncos Logo 2004
In 2004, a different logo was introduced. This time, it featured the head of the horse in grey with black trim. The mane and the face looked as if the horse was running at a great speed.

2016 – Today

Santa Clara Broncos logo
The 2016 logotype was a dark red monogram ‘SC’. It had and angular typeface with strong style.

Santa Clara Broncos Colors

HEX COLOR: #862633;
RGB: (134,38,51)
CMYK: (9,100,64,48)