Sanofi Logo

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Sanofi Logo
Sanofi is a French pharmaceutical company, was created after a merger of Elf’s Sanofi and L’Oreal’s Synthelabo. Sanofi’s three best-selling drugs are Lantus, an insulin injection, Lovenox, an anticoagulant, and Aubagio, the one-daily pill to treat a form of multiple sclerosis.

Meaning and history

Sanofi Logo history

The Sanofi logo is a wordmark in bright blue and an icon, called “Bird of Hope”, symbolizing the hope the company’s products bring to its customers.
The icon is made up of three shapes which form a stylized bird. Each shape has its color — blue for water, green for earth, ochre for fire and a white background — for air.
The three shapes, forming the bird symbol represent the three key principles of Sanofi: innovation, adaptability and external growth. These three shapes structure shows the brand’s values, which put the patient at the center of Sanofi activities.
Sanofi Logo
When the identity for Sanofi was launched in 2004, it included a symbol with three human forms and a heart. The icon was dropped in 2009.