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Samsonite is an American brand of luggage design and fabricating company, which was founded in 1910. Today the company has several brands of items that are distributed all over the world and are reckoned to be the most popular in its segment.

Meaning and history

The brand, named after a biblical hero, Samson, used one and the same emblem during almost the whole company’s life. The Samsonite logo, called “a bagel”, is composed of a wordmark with a delicate yet instantly recognizable graphical element inside.

The wordmark is written in a distinct futuristic sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Magistral. The smooth limes, horizontally elongated, rounded angles and the absence of the dot above “I” make the nameplate look stylish and modern.

Samsonite Logo

The “bagel” emblem replaces the letter “O” of the brand’s name and is sometimes used on its own. The symbol became iconic and recognizable and doesn’t need any lettering to represent the brand.

The calm blue and white color palette of the Samsonite logo is a reflection of a stable and professional company, which values quality and design and aims to provide their clientele with the best products possible.