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Safari is the name of a famous online pharmacy, which sells reliable health and beauty care products of the world’s most trusted brands. In addition to vitamins and supplements for adults and kids, the website offers vaccines and various devices and medical aid.

Meaning and history

Safari logo

The Safari Pharmacy logo is very bright and dynamic. Executed in an acid green color it evokes a sense of endless energy and power, along with a reflection of health and growth.

The logo is composed of a wordmark and a graphical emblem above it. Sometimes the tagline in a green rectangle is placed under the main logotype, with the “Brands You Can Trust” motto.

As for the main wordmark, written in a title case, it is executed in a simple sans-serif typeface which is very similar to Franklin Gothic font with its clean lines and smooth angles. The tagline uses a bolder typeface with smaller letters, which are also executed in title case but in black color.

The graphical emblem is the most recognizable element of the Safari Pharmacy logo. It shows a man with his hand spread up. Executed in bright green, the man has a white cross in the middle of his chest and a “Nike-like” swoosh in the bottom. This image symbolizes heath, energy, and movement, which the pharmacy wills give their customers, offering the most reliable brands of high-quality healthcare products and devices.

The green and white color palette of the logo represents life and vitality at their best and makes the visual identity of the online pharmacy instantly recognizable and remarkable.