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Loveholidays is the UK’s rapidly expanding travel agent, known for its mission to make the world accessible to everyone by providing unlimited choice, ease, and exceptional value in travel. The company specializes in tailoring a vast array of holiday packages, leveraging a massive selection of hotels and flights to create personalized experiences. They pride themselves on innovative search technology, flexible payment options, and a commitment to the best prices, backed by a price match guarantee. With customer satisfaction at the forefront, Loveholidays also offers comprehensive customer support and the security of ATOL protection for peace of mind.

Meaning and history

Founded by Alex Francis and Jonny Marsh in 2012, Loveholidays is a UK-based travel retailer that specializes in both short and medium-haul ‘Flight + Hotel’ holidays, primarily catering to UK customers. The company expanded its services to Ireland with a dedicated website in 2016. It operates as a travel search website and is a member of ABTA and holds an ATOL license, indicating its compliance with the UK’s package travel regulations. Loveholidays made strategic acquisitions, such as purchasing the brand Low Cost Holidays in July 2016 after its collapse, and following the collapse of Monarch airlines, acquired the brand in January 2017. The company’s growth attracted significant investment, with private equity investor Livingbridge acquiring a majority stake in the company for £180 million in 2017​​.


Loveholidays Logo

The logo for ‘loveholidays’ features the company name in a cheerful shade of blue, evoking feelings of trust, reliability, and the vastness of the sea and sky. The whimsical design incorporates a sunburst in yellow, cradling a heart shape within its upper arc, conveying the warmth and love associated with enjoyable vacations. The sun with the heart at its core symbolizes the delightful experiences and heartwarming memories that travel can offer, in line with the company’s commitment to creating cherished holiday experiences. The overall design is simple yet evocative, capturing the essence of joyful and loving getaways.

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