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Delsey, a prominent Parisian label, has carved its niche in crafting high-grade luggage and travel gear. Renowned for blending innovative technologies with aesthetic appeal, Delsey products are synonymous with durability and elegance. Dominantly recognized in Europe, Asia, and North America, the brand caters to a vast clientele seeking reliable travel companions. Privately held, its legacy spans over seven decades, cementing its standing in the luggage industry. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality has made it a favored choice for discerning travelers worldwide.

Meaning and history

Delsey, a name synonymous with Parisian craftsmanship, embarked on its journey in 1946 as a producer of leather camera cases. Founded by Emile Delhaye and the Seynhaeve brothers, the brand’s name derives from a blend of their surnames. During the 1970s, Delsey revolutionized the luggage industry by launching the first-ever hard case luggage line, elevating its reputation for innovation.

The 1980s saw another breakthrough when Delsey introduced the “trolley system,” transforming suitcase mobility. Their emphasis on cutting-edge designs and robustness led to the birth of the “Helium” range in the 1990s, which gained immense popularity for being incredibly lightweight.

Delsey’s ownership remained largely private, reflecting continuity in its vision and brand ethos. Over the decades, the company adapted to changing market dynamics, from shifting its production base to embracing sustainable practices. Their commitment to quality has been unwavering, ensuring Delsey remains a go-to brand for travelers who seek reliability paired with elegance.


Delsey Logo

The logo is in bold capital letters with “DELSEY” written in large font. Positioned slightly below and spanning the width of the “DELSEY” text is the word “PARIS”, slightly smaller in size but maintaining the same boldness. The design is minimalist, relying on strong typography to convey its message. The entire logo is presented in a monochromatic black against a white background, embodying sophistication and elegance synonymous with the Parisian brand.