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TravelPro, a recognized luggage brand, specializes in crafting high-quality travel gear, notably their innovative rolling suitcases. Originating from a pilot’s vision to simplify travel, the company today is synonymous with durability and functionality. Predominantly active in North America and Europe, they’ve expanded their reach to various global markets, resonating with both frequent flyers and occasional travelers. Privately owned, TravelPro’s reputation in the industry is anchored by its commitment to product excellence and customer-centric innovations, making it a trusted choice for many on the move.

Meaning and history

Established in 1987, TravelPro emerged from the vision of Bob Plath, a seasoned airline pilot, who sought to simplify the travel experience. Plath’s innovation, the Rollaboard, introduced the world to wheeled luggage, dramatically transforming how travelers moved through airports.

During its early years, TravelPro’s Rollaboard gained rapid popularity, first among flight crews, then the general traveling public. The ease and convenience of its design became a game-changer in the luggage industry.

As the 1990s unfolded, TravelPro expanded its product range, ensuring that quality and durability remained paramount. The brand began to resonate with business travelers and tourists alike, solidifying its reputation in the market.

In the early 2000s, with the surge of travelers worldwide, TravelPro faced stiff competition. Yet, its dedication to innovation kept it ahead. During this period, the company underwent a series of ownership changes but retained its core values and mission.

The latter part of the decade saw the company embracing technological advancements, introducing features like USB ports and enhanced security measures in its luggage.

TravelPro’s journey over the years showcases its adaptability. From its humble beginnings in Plath’s garage to becoming an internationally recognized brand, the company’s commitment to elevating the travel experience remains unwavering.

Despite ownership transitions and market challenges, TravelPro’s essence remains rooted in its innovative spirit, ensuring travelers’ needs are consistently met with style, functionality, and durability.


TravelPro Logo

The logo features the word “Travelpro” in a bold, sleek blue font. Adjacent to the text, on the left, there’s a distinctive emblem: a rectangular shape that hints at the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, although abstracted and simplified. The entire design, both emblem and text, is unified by a cohesive shade of blue. On the far right of the word “Travelpro”, a small circled “R” signifies a registered trademark. The overall design gives a contemporary vibe, evoking themes of iconic travel destinations and movement.