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Rolling Stone is an American monthly magazine with its focus on the popular culture. It was founded in San Francisco in 1967 by Jann Wenner. The current owner of the Rolling Stone magazine is Penske Media Corporation.

Meaning and history

Rolling Stone Logo history

Visual identity of the legendary magazine, dedicated to everything connected to rock music, was created in the middle of the 1960s, and since then has never left the colorful cover of the editorial, being only slightly refined in 2015.

1967 — 2019

Rolling Stone Logo 1960

The original Rolling Stone logo was designed by Jim Parkinson for Jann Wenner. The badge he introduced in the mid-1960s has quickly become iconic and today there is barely any country in the world where people are not familiar with the red bold inscription of the magazine’s name.

The logo featured red lettering in a custom typeface with thick letters and massive square serifs. The line of the letter “R” was elongated and curved, merging with the first “L”. The two parts of the logotype are placed very close to each other, and all the symbols are glued to their neighbors.

The red wordmark is outlined in white and black and has a wide dark shadow, which made the logotype three-dimensional and has never been touched until 2015.

2019 — Today

Rolling Stone logo

The first redesign of the Rolling Stone visual identity did not affect the unique style and individuality of the logo, though it simplified and cleaned its contours. The emblem we all can see today is a simple flat logotype in scarlet-red, with no volume and outlines. The letters on the new version look more elegant and thin, making the badge timeless and sophisticated.