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Disney Junior is the name of one of the Walt Disney Studios brands, which was created in 2011. Originally launched as a programming block, today Disney Junior is a separate network, which is specialized in the content for small kids (from 0 to 7 yo). Apart from animations, the channel also broadcasts movies and tv series.

Meaning and history

Disney Junior Logo history

Although Disney Junior was officially created only in 2011, its predecessor was on air since the end of the 1990s. It was the Playhouse Disney programming block, which featured various animations and movies for kids from zero to seven. Under this name the block existed for a decade, being rebranded into Disney Junior in 2011, and forming a separate network in 2012.

1999 – 2001

Disney Junior Logo 1999

The initial logo for the kids’ network was created when it was a programming block, called Playhouse. The emblem featured a stylized Mickey Mouse head as the main background, an image of Winnie the Pooh drawn over it, and a multicolor inscription written on a smooth arched banner with rounded contours, placed above Mickey’s head.

2000 – 2011

Disney Junior Logo 2000

The redesign of 2000 made the Playhouse logo simpler in detail, but brighter and cleaner. Now it was a two-leveled inscription set on a cloud-like background in intense yellow, with the light green outline. The upper line of the inscription boasted a lowercase “Playhouse” in a playful Sans-serif typeface, with each letter in its color (blue, purple, red, or green). As for the bottom line, it featured the iconic Disney logotype in deep red.

2001 – 2003

Disney Junior Logo 2001

Another redesign was held for the Disney Playhouse in 2001 by the beehive design bureau. The original concept with the stylized Mickey Mouse head was brought back but redrawn. Now it was accompanied by a bright blue tv screen, where the yellow Disney logotype was set. As for the “Playhouse” part of the lettering, it was now executed in a three-dimensional way and set on the same smooth yellow banner above the TV. As the redesign was made after the creation of the separate Tv channel, the “Channel” wordmark in all capitals was written in black under the badge.

2002 – 2011

Disney Junior Logo 2002

In 2002 Beehive redesigns the Playhouse logo again. The new concept was also based on the head of Mickey Mouse, the most iconic character of Disney, but this time it was set in solid yellow and outlined in purple. It was also drawn just partially, set inside the invisible square borders. On the yellow background, close to the upper border of the head, there was lettering written in two levels. The upper one was arched and comprised a bold lowercase “Playground” in its multicolor palette. As for the bottom level, it was still a red Disney logotype.

2010 – 2011

Disney Junior Logo 2010

The redesign of 2010 softened and modernized the Disney Playhouse logo, enlarging Mickey’s head and placing it over a yellow square with a purple outline and rounded angles. The colors got a bit darker and more intense, in both the background elements and in the lettering. The wordmark part of the logo was kept untouched in terms of shapes and style.

2011 – Today

Disney Junior Logo 2011

The complete rebranding of the network was held in 2011, and this is when Disney Junior was born. The new logo concept was created by the We Are Royale agency and featured a two-leveled inscription in red and black, with the upper line boasting a smooth and elegant Disney logotype in black, and the bottom — a massive red title case “Junior” in Futura ExtraBold. The letter “I” in “Junior” was set in both red and black, with the top part of the vertical bar colored black, and the dot above it stylized as a black Mickey Mouse head. There were also two yellow solid dots placed under the black tip of the “I”, which made it look like Mickey’s overalls.

2020 – Today

Disney Junior Logo

In 2020 another version of the Disney Junior was introduced by the same design bureau. It was the actually same concept as the one, we can see on the previous version, but a more three-dimensional one, with cleaner and more distinct contours a slightly wider shapes on the letters in the red “Junior” level.