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RTL Most are the name of one of the Romanian TV channels, which was established by the reputable RTL Group. The group owns several channels, which are broadcasted not only in Romania but all over Europe, providing various content from informational to entertainment.

Meaning and history

RTL Most Logo history

2009 – 2018

RTL Most Logo 2009

The original logo is mostly the wordmark of the channel. The central piece is a big word ‘Most’ made from lowercase grey letters. Instead of the letter ‘O’, there is a red circle with a white round arrow that looks like a refresh symbol. Above and to the left of this word, there’s also a red rectangle with ‘RTL’ written in white on it.

2018 – now

RTL Most logo
It’s largely the same logo, although they did reshuffle all the elements. The ‘RTL’ part moved to the left corner of the main wordmark, and it was actually positioned in front of the thing. The rectangle and the letters in ‘Most’ were repainted black, and they also got rid of all the minor shading these elements had before.