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The University of Rhode Island based in Kingston, Rhode Island, sponsors an athletic program comprising almost 20 varsity teams. Before the logo described above, the athletic program used a different emblem. It was built around the depiction of a ram’s head. Here, the full name of the university could be seen, as well as the word “Rams.”

Meaning and history

Rhode Island Rams logo history

The inception of the Rhode Island Rams traces back to the early days of the University of Rhode Island’s athletic endeavors. This journey began with the establishment of the university’s sports programs, marking the genesis of what would become a cornerstone of Rhode Island’s athletic identity. The Rams have carved out a significant legacy, particularly shining in basketball and football. Their basketball squad has frequently graced the NCAA Tournament, showcasing their prowess and competitive spirit on a national stage. Although the football team hasn’t mirrored the basketball team’s high-profile achievements, it has had its share of triumphant moments, contributing to the rich tapestry of the university’s sports history.

In the current athletic climate, the Rhode Island Rams are a prominent participant in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Their ongoing commitment to sports excellence is evident in their steady performances across various sports disciplines. The university’s dedication is mirrored in the continual enhancement of their athletic facilities and training regimes, which are pivotal in nurturing student athletes. The Rams stand today not just as a team, but as a beacon of sportsmanship and a testament to the enduring spirit of the University of Rhode Island.

What is Rhode Island Rams?
Rhode Island Rays is the name of the collegiate sports program from the University of Rhode Island. The program consists of 18 men’s and women’s teams, which compete in the first division of NCAA, in various sport disciplines, including Swimming, Volleyball, Rugby and many more.

1989 – 2009

Rhode Island Rams Logo-1989
The initial badge for the athletic program of the University of Rhode Island was created in 1989 and stayed unchanged for twenty years, which is a lot. It was a blue and white emblem with the stylized image of the ram’s head in the middle, the “University of Rhode Island” uppercase inscription arched above it in a modern and stable sans-serif typeface, and an elegant italicized “Rams” in the uppercase of a traditional serif typeface, placed in the bottom left corner of the logo.

2010 – Today

Rhode Island Rams LogoThe Rhode Island Rams logo is a purely typographic one. It features the letter “I” superimposed over the letter “R.” What makes the emblem stand out is the way the two shades of blue, a lighter and a darker one, are paired. They create an unusual shade effect and add some dimension.

Rhode Island Rams Colors

RGB: (104, 171, 232)
CMYK: (56, 22, 0, 0)

HEX COLOR: #002147;
RGB: (0, 33, 71)
CMYK: (100, 88, 41, 47)