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Reserved is a label of affordable clothing and accessories manufacturer from Poland. The brand was established in 1989 and today has more than 1,5 thousand stores across twentieth countries in Europe and Asia.

Meaning and history

Reserved Logo

The Reserved logo is based on the common principles of the fashion industry’s visual identity design — simplicity and elegance.

The logo is composed of a wordmark, placed inside a black rectangular frame. When used on a signboard, the rectangle is elongated and the lettering is located in its right part.

The Reserved wordmark is written in all capital letters of a modern and sophisticated sans-serif typeface, which is close to the Andes font, but with shorter lines of the letters.

Reserved emblem

The unique detail of the Reserved nameplate is the tails of the letters “R”, which are curved and create a playful mood for the whole logo.

The monochrome palette elevated the Reserved logo and makes it look stylish and contemporary. Being one of the low-budget brands, Reserved features a fine and elegant logo, which can compete with luxury brands’ visual identity.