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Sik Silk is a British brand of casual and sports fashion label, which was established in 2012 and today is one of the leaders of its segment in the U.K. the brand is focused on design and distribution of man’s urban clothes and accessories.

Meaning and history

Sik Silk Logo

The SikSilk brand is inspired by the world’s top athletes and street style fashion, and this combination can be seen in everything the brand does.

It’s visual identity is elegant and sophisticated, which perfectly balanced the sport chic of the fashion items designed by the brand.

The SikSilk logo is composed of an old-style monogram, executed in a hand-written lettering with curves and fine lines.

Sik Silk emblem

It is a very unusual logo for such a modern brand like SikSilk, and it makes the brand stand out, evoking a retro feel and a deep sense of elegance.

SikSilk use the monochrome palette for their logo, but when placed on the fashion items, it can be executed in gold, which creates a great contrast with the bright sleek fabrics the brand uses.

The mixture of old-fashioned emblem and the super-modern design concept of the clothing makes the SikSilk visual identity unique and full of character. It is a great reflection of the brand’s values and its creative approach.