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Remington is a brand of a gun manufacturing company from the United States, which was established in 1816 in North Carolina. The company is known to be the oldest on the American market and is still one of the most popular firearms manufacturers all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Remington Logo

The Remington visual identity is all about traditional elegance. As the oldest firearms manufacturer, the company boasts a very simple yet sophisticated and pleasant logo.

The Remington logo is composed of a wordmark which is often placed into an oval frame with the mountains contour image.

The brand’s name inscription is executed in a fine cursive typeface with bold smooth lines. The font is close to Kepler SemiCond Bold, but with the first “R” modified. Its curved elongated tail goes under the letter “E” and repeats its contour.

When placed on a badge, the wordmark has an image above it and a tagline “Outdoor Company”, written one all caps of an italicized sans-serif. There is also an inscription in small size “EST 1816”, placed in the bottom of the emblem.

The green and white color palette of the Remington visual identity is a symbol of nature and its energy. This calm combination evokes a sense of safety and comfort, showing the company as the one with a value of its heritage and quality of the weapons it makes.