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Magpul is a company specializing in designing and manufacturing high-tech polymer and composite firearms accessories. It is based in Austin, Texas, US.

Meaning and history

Magpul Logo history

The company was founded in 1999 in Boulder, Colorado. It got its name after the MagPul (Magazine Puller), which was its first product. While the Magpul logo has been tweaked more than once during its history, it has remained the same in its core.

What is Magpul?
Magpul is the name of an American company, which is specialized in the production of firearms accessories and high-tech polymers Magpul was established in 1999 in Boulder, Colorado, and today is headquartered in Texas.

1999 – 2009

Magpul Logo old

In the old logo, you can already see the iconic emblem inspired by products manufactured by Magpul. The emblem is bright red with white background. The ring is rather thick.
The name of the brand below is given in black. The glyphs look pretty unique – each letter has something unusual about it. For instance, the “M” is asymmetrical and combines a diagonal side (left) with a vertical side (right), to echo the shape of Magpul products.

2009 – 2021

Magpul logo

The emblem has grown darker and now features a nobler shade of red. Also, the ring has lost some of its thickness. The type became simpler without losing its overall style and proportions.
The logo exists in at least two versions. First, there is a simpler version, where there is only the emblem (dark red) and the wordmark (black) over the white background. Also, there is a variation, where the logo is given in white (negative) inside two boxes: a dark red square (housing the emblem) and a black rectangle (housing the wordmark).


The type is a rather wide and flat sans. The glyphs are dominated by right angles, which are sometimes slightly rounded.


The combination of red, white, and black is a rather popular one. The authors of the Magpul logo have chosen a darkened shade of red, which is more individual than the popular bright and clean shade.