Cessna Logo

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Cessna is the brand of one of the world’s most famous aircraft manufacturing. Established in 1927 in the United States, the company, owned by Textron Aviation, became famous for its jet-planes and small aircraft.

Meaning and history

The Cessna visual identity is modern and confident. Composed of a wordmark with an emblem above it, the brand’s logo is highly-recognizable and memorable.

The simple Cessna nameplate is written in a traditional sans-serif typeface with clean and neat lines. The modes lettering is executed in black color and gives the main part of the composition to the emblem.

Cessna Logo

The Cessna graphical symbol is a blue and red square that has no outline. It is diagonally separated into four parts by the white plane silhouette. The smooth lines and rounded angles look sleek and contemporary, while the blue red and white color palette shows the traditional values of the company.

The white plane, flying upright is a symbol of the company’s profile, as well as a representation of speed, progress, and innovations.

The Cessna logo can also be seen in a monochrome color scheme. The contrast between white and black make it stronger and sharper.