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RED Valentino is one of the fashion labels introduced by the iconic Valentino brand in 2003. It was founded by the Italian fashion designer Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, as a more affordable label for a younger audience. RED Valentino is known for its feminine silhouettes and playful patterns.

Meaning and history

The Valentino empire was created in 1960, and over the years it has established and strengthened its reputation in the luxury segment of fashion, being one of the world leaders. High-end dresses, elegant silhouettes, and exquisite design, this is all about Valentino.

Although not every woman can afford to wear the clothes of the legendary brand, so with this thought in mind Valentino Garavani decided to launch a new label, RED Valentino, a fashion line for younger women, with more casual silhouettes and affordable prices.

RED in the name of the label has two meanings: firstly, it stands for Romantic Eccentric Dress, and secondly, it represents the signature color of the fashion house. Red Valentino is aimed at a young audience, so it combines deliberately feminine Victorian aesthetics, which is almost essential for the main brand of the fashion house, with modern elements typical.

RED Valentino supplies the world fashion markets not only with women’s clothing but also with accessories. All of them are made in the general style of the collection, and most often in bright colors.

What is RED Valentino?
RED Valentino is the fashion brand for young ladies, established by Valentino Garavani as the Valentino sub-brand in 2003. The collections of the brand are bright and girly, yet each piece contains details that are reminiscent of the mother brand and its iconic style.

In terms of visual identity, RED Valentino uses a solid and confident badge with elegant yet bold and stable letters, set over the black or white background, and drawn in red and black, with or without the white outline.

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Red Valentino Logo

The RED Valentino logo features the two parts of the brand’s name placed one above the other. The two lines of the wordmark seem to stick together: there is virtually no breathing space between the words “Red” and “Valentino.”

The designer has chosen an elegant serif type with a pronounced retro touch. The typeface of the insignia is quite similar to the legendary Didot font, which is so loved by fashion magazines and luxury brands all over the globe. It is a graphical representation of chic and sophistication.