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Rinascimento is an Italian clothing brand offering collections designed for the modern independent woman. The history of the business started over 50 years ago. The products are distributed in over 7000 points of sale, including 54 single-brand stores.

Meaning and history

Rinascimento Logo

Highly legible, yet unique and stylish – these features make the Rinascimento logo an example of a pretty successful logotype.

The basic shape of the glyphs is pretty close to the classic one, which provides legibility. And yet, there are several distinctive elements due to which the design adopts a touch of Italian elegance. For instance, you may notice that the diagonal bars on the “R,” “N,” “A,” and “M” have been replaced by curves.

The brand also uses an icon featuring the initial “R” from the wordmark.

What is Rinascimento?
Rinascimento is an Italian fashion company known for its elegant and sophisticated designs. With a focus on high-quality fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship, Rinascimento offers a range of women’s clothing and accessories that exude timeless style and refinement.