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Real is a German brand of food and home appliances retailer, which was founded in 1992 and today has more than 250 stores across Germany. The brand also owned several retail-shops in Romania and Turkey, but sold it, keeping only German locations.

Meaning and history

Real Logo history

Real is owned and managed by the huge Metro Group, and all the brands of this umbrella company have simple yet bright visual identity designs.

1992 – 2017

Real Logo-1992
The original Teal logo boasted a lowercase italicized lettering in scarlet-red, with the abstract geometric emblem composed of two parallelograms placed one above another and forming an angle. The emblem was executed in calm blue, which in combination with a red wordmark and white background created a color palette, representing power, reliability, and loyalty.

2017 – Today

Real Logo

The Real logo is composed of a wordmark, which is executed in a condensed italicized typeface in all the lowercase lettering. It is simple and minimalist.

The Real color palette is based on a royal blue, which features a slightly lighter shade when placed on the stores. However, the print and web versions of the logo boast deep and rich blue, which is a symbol of strength and professionalism, as well as reliability and trust.

The Real logo makes the brand look stable and serious, the one that values quality above everything else. The use of the lowercase lettering for the wordmark evokes a sense of friendliness and makes the brand’s customers feel welcome.