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Tupperware is an American brand of kitchenware and cooking accessories, which was established in 1942 by Earl Tupper. The company designs manufacture and sells storage containers of plastic and glass along with other items, which are distributed across the globe.

Meaning and history

Tupperware Logo history

The history of the brand’s visual identity can be split into two periods — the versions of the 20th century and the logotype of the 21st century. But they both have one thing in common — the company always designed their logo in a monochrome color palette.

1938 – 1946

Tupperware Logo 1938

The original Tupperware logo, introduced by the company in 1938, was composed of a modest uppercase lettering in black, set in a clean geometric sans-serif typeface, and accompanied by a simple “Farnumsville, Mass., U.S.A.” Tagline in small capitals. The wordmark was set on a plain white background with no additional elements.

1946 – 1947

Tupperware Logo 1946

The redesign of 1946 has made something more creative of the Tupperware logo. Now the uppercase “Tupper” lettering in bold black lines was inscribed into a horizontally-stretched oval frame, with the thick black outline and clean contours. The badge looked quite stylish and progressive for its times.

1947 – 1948

Tupperware Logo 1947

Another redesign was held by the American company in 1947, now the lettering turned white and was set on a solid black trapezoid banner with the left edge straight, and the right — diagonal. The inscription changed its style and was now executed in a bold and narrowed serif typeface with the uppercase characters placed at a significant distance from each other.


Tupperware Logo 1948

In 1948 a new version of the Tupperware logo was designed. It was a stylized “Tupper Corporation” lettering in the same black-and-white color palette but with an interesting element in the inscription. The uppercase wordmark was executed in a smooth handwritten sans-serif, with the “T” enlarged and its horizontal bar elongated, resembling a famous Tupperware lid.

1948 – 1949

Tupperware Logo 1948-1949

The redesign of the end of 1948 shortened and emboldened the previous version of the logo, and now it was only the “Tupper” lettering in the same font with the same long horizontal bar of the “T”, but in thicker lines, with more refined contours and with an exclamation mark on its end, slanted to the right.


Tupperware Logo 1949

Another logo was created for the brand in 1949 but only stayed in use for a couple of months. It was the full name of the brand, “Tupperware”, written in the title case of an elegant rounded cursive font with all characters neatly connected to each other, and none of them italicized. The lettering was still set in black on a plain white background.

1949 – 1978

Tupperware Logo 1949-1974

The very first logotype of the band was composed of white handwritten lettering on a black rectangular background. The inscription was executed in a custom bold sans-serif font with slightly naive shapes. All the letters were capitalized and the “T” was enlarged, with its horizontal bar spreading both sides.

1978 – 1995

Tupperware Logo 1974

In 1974 the outlined logotype appeared. It was a modern example of the visual identity, which kept the color scheme of the previous version. The stylish white outlines inscription with smooth shapes and rounded lines was placed in a black background and created a sense of a labyrinth. It was a remarkable logo, which stayed with the brand for about 29 years.

1994 – 2024

Tupperware Logo 1994

The redesign of 1994 has created the most long-lasting log for the Tupperware brand. It was a confident title case wordmark in a bold geometric sans-serif typeface, with the clean and distinctive contours of the characters and straight cuts of the bars. The lettering was perfectly balanced and evoked a sense of stability, quality, and excellence.

2024 – Today

Tupperware Logo

In 2024 the iconic Tupperware logo was redesigned again. Although the font remained the same, the lines of the characters are now a bit thinner, but this is not the only innovation. The main thing about the new Tupperware badge is its stylized letter “T”, which horizontal bar got a playful addition — a thin line, curved upwards, and resembling the legendary Tupperware lid.


The current logotype is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to Europa Grotesk SH, with its thick lines and solid letters.

The perfectly balanced inscription and its traditional font evoke a sense of power and influence, reflecting the company’s stability and timelessness.


The products of the company, created by Earl Tupper, were not very popular in the 1950s and didn’t sell well at all. So the idea of direct to customer sales came up, with a personal demonstration. Today is one of the world’s leading brands in the segment of kitchenware and storage containers.

Tupperware Emblem

Besides iconic containers, the company also produces cookware, serving items and knives, along with microwave dishes and water filters. Not that long ago the label started producing cosmetics for face, body and hair, perfumes and jewelry, under its sub-brands.

The company also expanded its line of stainless steel cutlery and cooking gadgets, which attract more and more customers across the globe.

In some countries, Tupperware gives a lifetime guarantee on its products, especially on its glass and plastic containers. The products of the company can be bought in kiosks, located in big supermarkets across the globe, and at shopfronts.