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Inspired by the successful Redbox kiosks all over the USA, offering DVD and Blu-Ray movies for rent by subscription, many schools and libraries across the country today have Readbox stands, which are designed just like the Redbox ones, and offer free book rentals, mainly for kids.

Meaning and history

Readbox is an American educational project, aimed at instilling a love of reading in school-aged children. Educational institutions all over the country set up red stands or kiosks, with a logo reminiscent of the legendary Redbox, where anyone can borrow a book or bring their old unwanted books to let others read them.

This super cool project is fully based on the Redbox success, with just one difference — all books are free to rent and change. While the Redbox movie rental service has various options, all of them are paid.

What is Readbox?
Readbox is a free books rental project, created in the United States, based on the iconic Redbox stands. Redbox is an American company, which has been in the market of rental DVDs and Blu-Ray movies since the beginning of the 2000s.

In terms of visual identity, Readbox fully repeats the legendary logo of Redbox, designed in 2002. Even though, today the company uses a completely different badge, it has become popular with its original insignia, hence still it is the most recognizable symbol, associated with renting a movie in the country.

???? – Today

Readbox Logo

The Readbox logo is composed of lowercase lettering and a delicate graphical element above it. The bold sans-serif inscription, set in a slightly narrowed font against a white background looks very friendly due to the softened contours of the characters. This sense of friendliness is enhanced by the thin white arch, placed above the inscription, starting at the “R” and finishing at the “X”. This arch looks like an upside-down smile, or a bridge, connecting readers to the books, and people in general to the new knowledge.

Font and color

Readbox Emblem

The bold lowercase lettering from the primary Readbox logo is set in a narrowed and smooth sans-serif typeface, which looks pretty close to such fonts as Hinge Bold, or Anteb Regular, but with some minor modifications of the contours.

As for the color palette of the Readbox visual identity, it is set in red and white, where red is a color of passion and strength, and white stands for loyalty, wisdom, and knowledge.

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