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Canik is a label of the Turkish firearms manufacturing company, Samsun Domestic Defense. It was founded in 1997 and named after the city of its establishment, Samsun. The company is owned by Arak Industry.

Meaning and history

Canik Logo

The Canik text-based logo looks modern and stylish. It shows the company as a progressive one with an innovative approach and a lot of energy.

The Canik wordmark in three-dimensional all-caps lettering, executed in a geometric sans-serif typeface with distinct lines and sharp angles. It looks stable and professional in a gradient gray, which adds a sense of metal texture to the inscription, making it look more high-end.

The “Superior Guns” tagline in all the capital letters is placed under the wordmark and written in the same typeface. The only difference is in the letter thickness and spacing.

The gray and black color combination of the Canik logo makes the brand look brutal and contemporary. It shows the company’s main values of progress and innovations, as well as its willingness to move forward.

It is a strong example of a minimalist visual identity design, which is actual and has a young strong spirit.

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