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Nuance is the name of an IT corporation, which specializes in developing artificial intelligence software. The company was established in 1992 in the United States and today it operates across the globe, best known for its voice recognition and AI programs.

Meaning and history

The Nuance visual identity is modern and solid. It looks like a fashion label logo with its sleek emblem and minimalist wordmark.

The Nuance inscription in all the capital letters has the first “N” slightly enlarged. The lettering is executed in a sans-serif typeface, with sharp lines and angles of both “N”s and a rounded “U”.

The Nuance emblem is a stylized letter “N”, composed of two identical elements, which are the reflection of each other. The symbol looks like a wave or a waving flag. It is a contemporary and strong image.

Nuance Logo

The monochrome color palette of the Nuance logo is a reflection of the professionalism and stability of a powerful company, which values research and progress.

The color palette of the Nuance logo sometimes switched to black and green, which symbolizes growth and development. On special occasions, the white lettering and emblem are placed on a bright gradient background, which makes the visual identity look fresh, young and futuristic.