RCA Logo

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RCA logoAlthough the RCA brand has a rather long history, its logo hasn’t been altered all that much since the company name was changed from the Radio Corporation of America to RCA in 1969.

Meaning and History logo

RCA logo history

RCA was established as the Radio Corporation of America in 1919. Its original owner was General Electric. The electronics company existed from 1919 to 1986. Today, its trademarks belong to Sony Music Entertainment and Technicolor.

Old symbol

RCA symbol
The earliest logotype featured the company name in white in a red circle with two frames: a white one and a red one. The end of the “A” resembled a lightning bolt.

Current emblem

RCA emblem
While the emblem is still based on the company name, the letters have hardly anything in common with the previous version. The typeface is bold and solid; the lightning bolt shape has disappeared. The shade of red has become lighter.


The RCA logo was definitely drawn by hand and doesn’t look identical to any of the existing typefaces.