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The logo of Atlas Copco, a Swedish industrial company, has been pretty consistent over the last 80 years. While the palette and a couple of other elements have changed, the signature handwritten script has looked almost the same during this period.

Meaning and history

The company was founded in 1873 under the name of AB Atlas. Having merged with Diesel Motors in 1917, it was renamed Atlas Diesel.

The annual reports of this period showcased the wordmark “Atlas Diesel” in an unusual retro-style type. The glyphs were formed by a combination of very bold and very thin strokes. The serifs looked rather elaborate. They curved and turned in an unpredictable way. The white highlight seen on most of the letters added a 3D effect. The annual report of 1940 was the last one to feature this wordmark.

The following annual report (1940) already showcased a completely different Atlas Copco logo. You would have certainly recognized the familiar handwriting-inspired word “Atlas” – it looked almost the same as it does on the current logo, with only subtle differences. Back then, the company was still called “Atlas Diesel,” so next to the word “Atlas,” you can see the second part of the name in a similar script.

Atlas Copco Logo

When the company adopted the current name, the word “Diesel” was replaced by “Copco.” It featured the same script.

Current emblem

While the current Atlas Copco logo is based on the heritage wordmark, it adds a unique touch by using a soft blue color. Unlike the old logo, there are two bold horizontal stripes (above and below the writing).