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In comparison with its predecessor, the current logo of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company looks more modern. It has a cool and dynamic vibe.

Meaning and history

Cooper Tires Logo history

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company designs, makes, and sells replacement automobile and truck tires. Its subsidiaries focus on medium truck, motorcycle and racing tires. The company is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio. The Cooper® (Coppertires) brand is the company’s flagship brand.

Before 2013

Cooper Tires Logo old

The old Cooper Tires logo featured a dark blue ellipse with white and bright red trim. Inside, there was the lettering “Copper tires” in white. The first word was bolder, only the initial was capitalized. The second word, which was placed below, looked smaller but had all the letters capitalized.

Above the wordmark, there was the side view of the knight’s helmet.

You can also come across a version where the word “tires” is not used.

2013 – Today

Cooper Tires Logo
The 2013 logo design used the brand’s name written in two words with different colors: blue for ‘Cooper’, grey for ‘Tires’. The font was a sort of blocky, inflated sans-serif with capital letters exclusively. Beneath the right half of the wordmark, they wrote ‘don’t give up a thing’ in a similar, blue style.
There was also an emblem, usually positioned above all the text. It was a grey oval outline with a blue crescent inside.

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