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One of the British rock legends, Led Zeppelin was born in London in 1968. The band members were: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham.

Meaning and history

Led Zeppelin Logo history

The classic Led Zeppelin logo was created in 1973, five years after the band adopted its current name instead of the New Yardbirds. The black-and-white wordmark can be seen on many releases and is instantly recognizable.

Led Zeppelin logo

Icarus symbol


Throughout the band’s history, quite a few new emblems were created. For instance, we can mention the image that could be seen on the Swan Song record label released in 1974. The design featuring a picture of Apollo was based on a drawing by William Rimmer. According to other sources, the imagery depicted Icarus.

IV emblem


The untitled fourth studio album featured four symbols, one for each member. Page, who claimed to have created his emblem on his own, has never given any explanation to it. John Paul Jones and John Bonham found their symbols in Rudolf Koch’s Book of Signs. Robert Plant created his symbol on his own, the inspiration for it being the sign of the supposed Mu civilization


Led Zeppelin Font

Led Zeppelin logo used since 1973 features an offbeat customized font. Here, every character is unique. Even the same letters may look different (for instance, there are letters “e” of two sizes).


Color of the Led Zeppelin Logo

The wordmark itself, as well as the Led Zeppelin IV logo, have a simple black-and-white color scheme, while album covers offer a diversity of colors.