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Operated by a tight-knit familial unit, Psychic Sofa has established a remarkable legacy, delivering over twenty-five years of esteemed telephonic psychic guidance. Renowned for its affordability and distinction in the UK, this platform extends a vast array of mystical services, providing clients with access to a diverse cadre of spiritual advisors, including intuitive clairvoyants, communicative mediums, insightful tarot interpreters, divine angel card experts, numerology specialists, and prophetic crystal ball seers. Rooted in a philosophy that enshrines transparent and superior counsel as a fundamental right, the platform meticulously ensures that each psychic exponent embodies the company’s dedicated ethos towards consummate customer attentiveness.

Distinguishing itself with an expansive array of psychic disciplines that surpasses any other British purveyor, Psychic Sofa promises an ideal spiritual consultant for each individual’s needs. The careful curation of their psychic roster is testament to their commitment, with a rigorous assessment process in place to validate the fervor and proficiency that each psychic brings to their readings. Psychic Sofa stands proudly behind the excellence of their offerings, providing a robust ‘No Quibble Money Back Guarantee’ to affirm their client’s serenity of mind.

They underscore a stellar customer experience, mandating a thorough vetting sequence for all their advisors to ensure they meet the platform’s high standards of quality and trust before affiliation.

Meaning and history

On the eighth of October in the year two thousand and fourteen, the entity known as Psychic Sofa was formally recognized as a corporate body with the declaration of its capital standing at a thousand British pounds. This marked the commencement of its journey as a legally recognized business within the industry. Since its inception, Psychic Sofa has committed to bridging the ethereal with the everyday, providing a conduit for individuals seeking cosmic guidance and spiritual insights. With the vision of enhancing personal growth and enlightenment through psychic readings, the company has steadily fortified its foundation, striving to be a bastion of support for those navigating life’s unseen energies. It has since grown beyond its initial financial seed, investing in the quality and integrity of its services, aiming to be synonymous with trust and spiritual clarity in the realm of psychic consultation.


Psychic Sofa Logo

The emblem for ‘Psychic Sofa’ is crafted with an imaginative typeface that exudes creativity while hinting at enigmatic charm. It’s complemented by an artful depiction of a feline, an animal steeped in mystique and occult symbolism, depicted in repose as if on a couch. This design choice deepens the enigma, playing on the cat’s historical ties to hidden knowledge and magic. A singular shade of purple bathes the logo, a hue deeply entwined with spirituality and inner wisdom, thus perfectly encapsulating the brand’s focus on the mystical and the subconscious. The overall aesthetic merges playfulness with a profound sense of the arcane, inviting a connection with the intuitive and the otherworldly.

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