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Meaning and history

International Hockey League Logo history

1945 – 1956

International Hockey League Logo 1945
The original logo displayed a red shield with black imagery on it. That imagery consisted of two crossed hockey sticks and the letter ‘I’, ‘H’ & ‘L’ put inside various resulting sections. Only the bottom one was occupied by something else – a puck. There was also a thin rectangular plaque above the main shield, where three black stars were placed.

1957 – 1972

International Hockey League Logo 1957
This logo was the same conceptually. The coloring switched to black and bronze. The red bits largely turned black, and the black ones became bronze. There was also a larger degree of volume in this emblem.

1972 – 1991

International Hockey League Logo 1972
A much simpler design followed in 1972. This time, it was just a blue shield with two patches of white and red placed in its middle. Onto the white bit, they’ve placed the ‘IHL’ acronym. The letters were red serif characters.

1992 – 2001

International Hockey League logo

The International Hockey League logo is an embodiment of the dynamism of a hockey game. Here, you can see large red letters “I” and “L” with the white “H” created by the negative white space. The “I” and the “H” both have a “ragged” right side, due to which the illusion of motion is created. We should point out that the use of the negative space damages the legibility of the wordmark.

The IHL logo also comprises a figure of a hockey player in white inside a dark blue parallelepiped. Below, you can see the lettering “International Hockey League” in block capitals. Similar to the hockey player, the text is given in white against the dark blue background.